Varicose veins are one of the most common vascular diseases of the body. Several factors play a role in the development and spread of varicose veins, which are genetic and hereditary issues, smoking, standing for long periods of time, and acquired venous diseases such as blood clots and vascular occlusion. Of course, in some cases, there is no clear reason for varicose veins, and venous insufficiency itself can be the cause.

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In this highly specialized clinic, we are by your side in the field of diagnosis and treatment of circulatory system disorders and specialized treatment of varicose veins, so that after careful and complete examination, we can suggest the best unique treatment plan for each person according to the conditions of each patient. , so that we can use the most advanced treatment methods and the most advanced devices available and take steps in this field to address the patient's concerns.
No, we do not have a contract with any insurance for the treatment of varicose veins, but you can use additional insurance with the introduction letter provided by our clinic.
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