About doctor

Dr. Abdul Wahab Baradaran, cardiologist, international cardiology fellowship (cardiac interventional procedures, angiography, angioplasty) and varicose vein treatment specialist with brilliant academic and professional records such as top ranks, exemplary student, member of the faculty of Tehran University, fellowship Angioplasty and management of the Healthy Heart Foundation provides valuable services in various medical fields such as echocardiography, angiography, angioplasty and varicose vein treatment.

درمان واریس-دکتر عبدالوهاب برادران
Scientific activities doctor Abdulwahab Baradaran

 The highest rank of national entrance exam and distinguished scholar of the country

The top rank (2.5%) of the 2006 general science exam

Elite student of Iran University of Medical Sciences in 2010

Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences

The top rank of the assistantship exam in 2012

Model assistant at Dr. Shariati Hospital, 2012

Member of the editorial board of Sarai Salamat

Graduated from Tehran Heart Center - Tehran University of Medical Sciences

(top rank of specialized country)

Member of the faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences- Dr. Shariati Hospital since 2016-2020

International cardiology superspecialty fellowship (angioplasty)

Member of the Primary Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Expert of the High Commission of Forensic Medicine of the country

Director of the country's healthy heart foundation

Privileges of the National Elite Foundation